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Helium 10 has become a household name among Amazon sellers, thanks to its robust suite of tools designed to help sellers streamline their business operations. However, with the ever-growing competition in the Amazon marketplace, it’s essential to keep an eye on other powerful alternatives that can help you stay ahead in the game.

Acquisitions are on its way, so you can find multi tools under one big brand such as Carbon 6 or Threecolts, acquiring repricers, FBA reimbursement tools, ASIN monitoring tools and so on. Actually, Helium 10 itself was acquired by a bigger brand years ago (Assembly) and has also acquired two important tools: Prestozon and Pacvue.

So, in a this crazy changing and growing market, exploring Helium 10 alternatives not only allows you to discover new tools that cater to your specific needs but also ensures that you have access to a diverse range of features and pricing options to suit your budget.

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Helium 10 alternatives: top features you need

When looking for the perfect Amazon FBA tool, there are key features you should consider. These features are essential for maximizing your business’s efficiency and profitability.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword research and optimization are the backbone of your Amazon FBA business. Look for a tool that provides comprehensive keyword data, including search volume, competition, and relevant long-tail keywords. This will enable you to create highly optimized listings that rank well and attract more customers.

Helium 10 has a lot of keyword research tools:

Product research for Amazon

A robust product research tool is crucial for identifying profitable products and niches. Ensure the tool offers accurate data on sales, revenue, and competition, as well as insights into market trends and customer demand. With Helium 10, you have many:

Inventory Management and Profit Tracking

Efficient inventory management is crucial to prevent stockouts and overselling. Look for a tool that offers real-time inventory tracking, alerts, and sales forecasting. Additionally, profit tracking capabilities will help you monitor your business’s financial performance and make data-driven decisions.

With Helium 10 you have the Inventory Manager, Profits and other tools.

Review Management and Customer Engagement

Positive customer reviews are essential for building trust and driving sales on Amazon. Choose a tool that provides review tracking, analysis, and automated follow-up emails to help you maintain a high seller rating and improve customer satisfaction. With Helium 10 you have the Follow-Up tool, the Seller Assistant app and other tools.

Comparing Helium 10 Alternatives

In this section, we’ll compare three top Helium 10 alternatives: Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and Sellics. We’ll evaluate their features, pricing, and advantages to help you make an informed decision. You have other tools such as Sellerapp, Profitguru, Zonguru… but, in my experience as an Amazon consultant and Amazon Seller, I think JungleScout, Viral-Launch and Sellics are the historical rivals to Helium 10, so let’s take a look at them.

Jungle Scout

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: JS is a comprehensive Amazon FBA tool suite that offers powerful features for product research, keyword optimization, and inventory management.


  • Extensive product and keyword databases (+400M)
  • Accurate sales and revenue estimations
  • User-friendly interface and detailed tutorials


  • Higher pricing compared to some alternatives
  • Limited review management features

I use Jungle Scout also on a daily basis but, to me, Helium 10 has more features and better filters when it comes to product and keyword research.

Viral Launch

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: VL is another popular all-in-one Amazon FBA tool that focuses on data-driven product research, keyword optimization, and listing analytics. To me, Viral Launch is more a product launch oriented tool than a product/keyword research tool, although you can use it that way.


  • In-depth market and competitor analysis
  • Advanced keyword research with keyword clustering
  • Advanced tools for product launch
  • Own marketplace for product launch


  • Smaller product and keyword database
  • Slower customer assistance


Helium 10 vs Sellics: Well, speaking about acquisitions, Sellics, now part of Perpetua.io. It used to be an all-in-one software for both Amazon Sellers and Vendors. They pivoted to Amazon PPC software so, we need to compare it to Adtomic:


  • Cheaper than Helium 10
  • 100% focused on Amazon PPC
  • Now part of Perpetua.io, a tool 100% focused on Amazon PPC campaign launch and optimization working for Sponsored Products, Brands, Display, Kindle Direct Publishing Ads and Amazon DSP


  • Since they where acquired, there hasn’t been any new features or updates
  • It isn’t clear what will the future of the tool
  • To me, it’s limited when it comes to scale campaigns and their UX it’s not the best one



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