Helium 10 Inventory Manager

Helium 10 Inventory Manager is a sophisticated inventory management software designed specifically for Amazon sellers. It helps users maintain optimal inventory levels, minimize storage fees, and prevent stockouts, ultimately leading to increased profits and efficient business operations. As an experienced Amazon seller and consultant for major brands, I have been using Helium 10 for five years and can attest to its effectiveness and value for managing Amazon inventory.

Why Use Helium 10 Inventory Manager?

Amazon sellers must constantly monitor and manage their inventory to prevent potential issues such as stockouts, excess inventory, and high storage fees. Helium 10 Inventory Manager simplifies and automates this process, enabling sellers to focus on other crucial aspects of their business.

helium 10 inventory management

Key Features

Automated Inventory Forecasting

Helium 10 Inventory Manager uses advanced algorithms to predict future sales based on historical sales data and seasonality. This automated forecasting helps sellers determine the appropriate stock levels to maintain, preventing stockouts and lost sales opportunities.

Reorder Recommendations

The tool also provides intelligent reorder recommendations, calculating the optimal reorder quantity and timing to ensure inventory levels remain balanced. These recommendations consider factors such as lead times, shipping times, and minimum order quantities, enabling sellers to make informed decisions.

Inventory Health Monitoring

Helium 10 Inventory Manager continuously monitors inventory health, alerting sellers to potential issues such as slow-moving items or products nearing expiration. This information allows sellers to address problems proactively and take necessary actions, such as adjusting pricing or running promotions.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Sellers can set up customizable alerts and notifications for important inventory events, such as low-stock warnings or items that require reordering. These notifications help sellers stay informed and ensure timely action, preventing potential stockouts and missed sales.

FBA and FBM Inventory Tracking

The software supports both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) inventory tracking, providing a comprehensive view of a seller’s entire inventory across multiple fulfillment methods. This holistic approach enables sellers to make strategic decisions about their inventory management.

Storage Fee Management

Helium 10 Inventory Manager helps sellers manage and reduce storage fees by providing insights into their inventory’s storage costs. Sellers can identify slow-moving items, long-term storage fees, and other cost drivers, enabling them to take appropriate actions to minimize these expenses.

Integration with Helium 10’s Suite of Tools

Inventory Manager seamlessly integrates with other Helium 10 tools, such as the Product Research, Keyword Research, and Listing Optimization tools. This integration allows sellers to leverage the full suite of Helium 10’s capabilities to optimize their inventory management and overall Amazon business strategy.


Improved Inventory Efficiency

By maintaining optimal inventory levels and minimizing storage fees, Helium 10 Inventory Manager helps sellers improve inventory efficiency. This results in reduced costs, increased profits, and a more streamlined business operation.

Reduced Stockouts and Lost Sales

The software’s automated inventory forecasting and reorder recommendations help prevent stockouts and lost sales opportunities. By ensuring that products are always in stock and ready to ship, sellers can meet customer demand and maintain a positive seller reputation.



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