Helium 10 app

The Helium 10 App is an app designed for Amazon sellers that provides them with everything they need to manage their business right at their fingertips. With this app, you can analyze your sales using the profit tool, which gives you a quick snapshot of how all your products are selling. You can monitor products that need closer attention, stay updated on the winners, forecast sales trends, make sourcing decisions, and adjust your product strategy accordingly.

Helium 10 - Amazon Seller App

The app also allows you to get a quick overview of your product’s performance, pinpointing it to exact dates and time frames down to the month, day, and week. This data can be used to shift your business strategy in real-time, and you can add the free widget to your home screen for on-the-go analytics.

Amazon Barcode Scanner for product research

Furthermore, Helium 10 comes with an Amazon barcode scanner tool that allows you to conduct product and keyword searches by scanning a barcode or sharing a product from Amazon. With Black Box and Xray, you can look for your next winning product, and then uncover traffic-pulling keywords with Cerebro and Magnet.

Adtomic at your fingertips

The Adtomic Tool lets you track your ACoS, TACoS, Spend, Sales, and Conversion Rate. You can keep an eye on campaigns and keywords to ensure you’re investing your advertising dollars effectively.

Order manager

You can also keep track of all your orders, monitor each individual order to see what was ordered and how much, and monitor your inventory in real-time to see what people are buying.

Helium 10 alerts push notifications

Helium 10 even allows you to get push notifications about any suspicious activity in your account, such as listing changes or fraud, with Alerts. You can see all alerts related to the ASINs you want to track, and filter by different categories like Buy Box and image changes to have 24/7 monitoring on your listing.

MWS connected for every marketplace

Finally, you can connect your seller account and get Profits, Adtomic, Research, and Alerts for all the marketplaces you sell in. You can connect your MWS tokens from all your marketplaces and switch between them to get the information you need to make the most informed decisions possible.



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