Helium 10 competitive advantage

Helium 10 competitive advantage is a user-friendly dashboard designed to display essential metrics and trends for Amazon sellers. This upgraded version of the classic Market Tracker is exclusively available for Helium 10 Diamond Plan users.

The classic Market Tracker revolutionized the game for many sellers, offering real-time market data to help them stay competitive and make informed decisions about product inventory and pricing. Helium 10 competitive advantage takes it a step further by providing even more valuable data.

Equipped with advanced analytics tools, Helium 10 Competitive Advantage helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product’s performance, enabling strategic adjustments to pricing and promotions.

The alert system in Helium 10 Competitive Advantage keeps you informed of changes in your product’s performance, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and maintain optimal performance.

New filters

New filters in the new version include:

  • Average 30 Day Revenue
  • Average 30 Day Unit Sales
  • Price Range
  • Product Title Contains/Does Not Contain
  • Fulfillment Type
  • Rating Score
  • Number of Ratings
  • Brand
  • ASIN filter

Key features

Real-time data

Unlike its classic counterpart, Helium 10 Competitive Advantage offers real-time data on Amazon product listings and pricing. By monitoring millions of listings, it provides comprehensive information on pricing, availability, and sales volume to help identify profitable opportunities and adjust pricing strategies.

Real-time competitor analysis

Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring their pricing, sales volume, and inventory levels. Use this insight to create effective pricing and marketing strategies.

Real-time alerts

Helium 10 Competitive Advantage’s customizable alerts notify you of changes such as out-of-stock products, competitor pricing adjustments, or new product opportunities, allowing you to adapt your strategies accordingly.

Real-time market trends

Analyze market trends and identify profitable product opportunities with detailed data on market demand, customer search volume, and sales trends provided by Helium 10 Competitive Advantage. Seize emerging opportunities and stay competitive in the ever-evolving marketplace.

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