Women on Amazon… Are you one of them? That’s right, Amazon is not only a business for male entrepreneurs, but also for empowered women who are willing to create their empire and be bosses and not just workers. That’s precisely why this podcast was created, by women, about women, not just for women: It aims to amplify the voices of all the women who work every day in the Amazon FBA and eCommerce space to educate and inspire others to completely change their lives, work-wise, and be able to create the future they so desire. Listen closely as Regina Peterburgsky talks about her techniques, strategies, and lessons learned, as well as featuring the stories of the most inspiring women who are taking eCommerce sales by storm.

What you’ll learn on the Women on Amazon podcast.

Get more cash for your brand? Yes, it’s possible. Yael Cabilly and Regina discuss how Amazon sellers can get more cash in their outlets and why all sellers should consider a specialized investment bank to help them navigate the process. Do you know bacteria? In one episode they talk about very diverse and interesting topics that you are sure to benefit from knowing about. We recommend you take note when they talk more in-depth about bacteria, Amazon, the entrepreneurial mindset, customer journeys, and cryptocurrencies. What are your views on money? Dr. Amanda Barrientez talks about having your head on straight when it comes to money. A super important topic that pertains to both entrepreneurs and parents, and this is one of the key things we need to get right while in the daily grind of business that so absorbs our attention. Your personal story can make you 7 figures. Jonathan Green explains how his system helps people generate long-term sustainable income from their stories. All this and more you will learn in this valuable Podcast.

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Top 3 Episodes
  1. How to Get More Cash for Your Brand with Yael Cabilly
  2. Are Your Beliefs About Money Blocking Your Success?
  3. KDP for Fun and Profit – with Dr. Emee Vida Estacio
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