How much do you know about Amazon PPC? If you’ve been using this sales platform for years, you’ve probably noticed that it’s constantly changing. So you must continually learn about its tools and services to get the most out of it to your advantage.

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Amazon has changed a lot over the years and adding the pandemic that occurred in 2020, it’s time to reinvent itself, so if you decided to start your business in 2021 you will benefit from listening to the interview with Ecom Dave, who will teach us key tips to avoid making common mistakes that get in the way. Amazon is a place full of opportunities and the company continues to grow rapidly.

But before you dive into this world you should take into account that as with most things that go through massive evolutionary growth, things change quickly. A little more than 5 or 10 years ago, just joining Amazon was enough to accelerate your success. But now with a tougher and more changed marketplace, new sellers must enter in a more strategic and well thought out way than was done in the past. So in this podcast, you’ll learn what’s the best way to do it.

What else does the Viral Launch Follow The Data Podcast have to offer?

Do you know the best way to sell your products internationally? This is an option for all low-risk, high-reward marketers that are being widely used. In one episode Ryan Cramer joins us to discuss his perspective on where international e-commerce is headed and how merchants can capitalize on the growing momentum of sellers around the world. Already have a team? While «individual entrepreneurs» are undoubtedly an important part of the Amazon seller community, it’s also true that hiring others to help manage your business is necessary for large-scale growth.

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Top 3 Episodes
  1. How To Buy or Sell an Amazon Business with Greg Elfrink from Empire Flippers
  2. Getting Started on Amazon with Ecom Dave-Following the Data
  3. Amazon International: Selling in Amazon Japan Protection Status