Tim Ferris’ podcast is a show that touches on business in general. If you are an Amazon seller, you should be interested in what Tim Ferris has to show you. The audible format is ideal for you because even if setting up and planning your store moves is time-consuming, listening to solid information compacted into podcasts will be a great advantage. As a good merchant, you should know that you will always have to keep up to date to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Realizing that Amazon’s pace is sometimes fast-paced and their sales landscape can change drastically, embracing reliable information and including different areas of marketing and e-commerce should be part of your routine. Granted, there is more than one show with this same focus, but you have good reason to listen to Tim Ferris.

General features of the Tim Ferris podcast

The main focus of the show is on Amazon, although of course, the skills learned can help you manage outside of this platform. You need to learn about the strategies, techniques, tools, and resources that can make you a Best-Seller and that is possible if you rely on those who have already been in your situation and whose consistency led them to success. The Tim Ferris podcast includes:

  • An overview of the entrepreneurial system
  • Interviews with special guests

When we say big-name people have made appearances on the show we’re talking about celebrities like Vince Vaughn and Whitney Cummings.  They are not the only ones who come on the show to give you their opinion and share their experience in managing their sales and strategies. Each guest of the different episodes will provide you with valuable and useful information, so if you want to hear firsthand what they have to tell you, add «Tim Ferris» to your list of pending podcasts.

Where to listen

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