Do you have a business you want to expand? Then you need a guide to follow to know the best way to sponsor yourself in eCommerce. That’s what Shopify‘s eCommerce masters are for. No matter what product or service you offer having an eCommerce can be the key to getting leads that will become your repeat customers.

To do this you will first need to know how SEO works, what you need to maximize the potential of your brand, learn a little more about e-commerce photography, know which e-commerce platform is ideal for your business and resolve any doubts you may have about what is the best financial plan for your online store. You will be able to do all this from the hand of experts on the subject and who have gone through the same difficulties you are going through. All this is explained clearly and simply so you can learn and enjoy the whole process of making your online business profitable. 

What else does the Shopify Masters Podcast offer for my business?

Since Shopify is a collection of founders creating change through commerce, each week you will have the opportunity to meet a founder and learn the ins and outs of their business. Aside from that, they’ll share lessons they’ve learned themselves and offer helpful resources for you to put into practice in your own business.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your business, whether you’ve already started an online business and have some experience in the field or you’re just thinking about starting one. Listening to the opinions, details, anecdotes, and advice of specialists in the field will help you to have a different vision of the business. So you can manage everything in the most efficient, most profitable, and most successful way possible.

Where to listen

Top 3 Episodes

  1. How Camille Brinch Went from Maker to Multimillion Dollar Jewelry Brand
  2. The Recipe for Differentiation in the Crowded Nutrition Industry
  3. The Ballsy Idea Behind Building a 10,000 Subscriber Base Protection Status