Let’s talk about why this podcast is what you need if you are an Amazon seller or plan to be one. Many people who have been guided by the voice of experience conclude that it led them to make the best decisions of their lives. What about the digital marketing field? There are also people trained to advise you based on their success.

James reports his beginnings in digital marketing starting in 1983 and boy, is that a long time! New generations managing online stores can extract pearls of wisdom from the information grouped in the Selling on Azon podcast. Not only can beginners take advantage of the strategies presented there, but even those who have been selling online for some time can also optimize their techniques.

The James J. Jones Podcast is a compilation of marketing strategies

James J. Jones’ style is not as conversational in «Selling in Azon» compared to other podcasts, however, to many this factor is more than perfect. Here, no time is wasted on interaction, he gets to the point and details the main elements of online sales. In addition, marketing strategies that promote the commercial movement of products are presented.

James J. Jones’ podcast is considered a varied program with frequent content releases. «Selling in Azon» reports on FBA news and methods that can lead anyone to business success. Since it’s a daily podcast, you can be sure that his techniques are up to date.

Are you an Amazon seller? Then they are no secret to you, the constant transformations of online sales. Don’t let the changing landscape, no matter how fast, thwart your plans. Take advantage of the resources available to you. Lean on the experience of those like James J. Jones who have improved their marketing over the years.

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  • Host: James J. Jones
  • Sadly, it was discontinued
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