Dedicated exclusively to people who want to sell online, PPC Den Podcast is simply an ideal program. If you have entered the world of Amazon, this information comes to you like a glove. One of the things we are most interested in when doing digital marketing is that it contributes to greater commercial mobility of our products and that’s just what you will learn by listening to this podcast. The truth is that if you fail at marketing you are likely to fail on your way to success with your online sales. PPC Den shows you in his podcast everything you can do to make the most of your advertising. The program includes what you need to know about:
  • Data targeting
  • Indexing
  • Prediction
  • Fraud detection
PPC Den will teach you the right way to advertise to guide you to excellent results with the best strategies. More than a compilation of practical tips to increase sales, the focus of this podcast is on data and how to present it so that your products are seen by potential customers.

Features of PPC Den Podcast

Unlike other podcasts whose episodes exceed a hundred, PPC Den has about 30 episodes. That’s not to say it covers little information as each one is at least 30 minutes long and the program is frequently updated with new releases. You’ll learn how to read the analytics your advertiser provides and with that learning, you’ll know how to use them to make your next ad more effective. The key is to connect with an audience willing to buy things, and the more views you get, the higher your organic rank will be on Amazon. Remember that the higher you rank well in the search engines, the more likely you are to become a better seller. Spending time listening to PPC Den Podcast can become one of the best investments of your life and the results you get with your online store will prove it

Where to listen

Top 3 Episodes
  1. How To Send Google Ads Traffic To Your Amazon Listing
  2. 5 Important Factors That Influence Amazon Ranking
  3. What To Do When Diagnosing ACOS Increase Protection Status