Every person who has immersed himself in the wide range of digital resources to sell wants to succeed in the market with the products he offers. If you have decided to set up your online store and you think that positioning yourself on Amazon is too difficult, don’t be discouraged, great things require great efforts.

Like you, many of those who today are renowned entrepreneurs started from scratch and sometimes with little knowledge. You have a great advantage, you can take advantage of the experience of people who traveled the road to success before you. For example, you have at your disposal podcasts that cover in detail everything you need to know about selling on Amazon or other platforms. Let’s talk about one in particular and why you should listen to it.

The Niche Pursuits Podcast is a compilation of SEO Tricks

As you start listening to the show, you’ll notice that a lot of stories are included. However, it does not feature famous people who made it to the top without many obstacles and lived happily ever after. The Niche Pursuits Podcast shows a realistic approach to the business field and common mistakes that are made not only by beginners.

The Podcast is led by Spencer, an entrepreneur who shares his experience since 2011, the year he starts his work with ads and digging into potential niche businesses. This particular program differs from the others because it is not geared towards showing marketing or product acquisition strategies. So why listen to «Niche Pursuits«?

On the web, you can find courses that will lead you to learn the best way to use SEO strategies. However, finding a compilation of SEO tricks, techniques and tools focused only on Amazon and its sellers is not so easy. Spencer covers this area of e-commerce extensively in an entertaining format.

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