Are you a business owner or just thinking about starting your own business? Whether you’ve been in sales for a while trying to promote your product or service, or you’re just starting in this world, you should know that no help is ever too much, especially from those who have been where you’re just starting. You should know that no help is ever too much, especially from those who have been where you are just starting to walk. That’s why My Amazon Guy comes to you like a glove, having the experience of the seller central, with more than 300 brands consulted and countless technical tips so you can improve your sales more efficiently and intelligently.

My Amazon Guy keeps up with the latest trends and talks to you about how you can improve your traffic and product conversion.

What else can I learn from the My Amazon Guy podcast?

You’ll understand how storage fees work, the dimensions you’ll need to set for a small-sized item, instructed brand registration to remove. In one of the episodes, you will hear Steven Pope defend traffic to the death and engage in a heated debate of his opinions against a group of experts who, on the contrary, believe that conversion is more important. You will learn about the effect SEO has on Amazon rankings.

You’ll also have the joy of hearing Amazon’s PPC kings tell us the quickest, easiest, and most natural way to comb through all the ad metrics of your campaigns, how you can reduce your ACOZ.

As well as tips that can get your business back afloat, like do you know how to get negative reviews that have been voted to the top of page 1 by competitors removed or pushed down on page 2? All this and more in this Podcast

Where to listen

Top 3 Episodes

  1. 48 Hours AFTER Launching Amazon FBA Products Step by Step Tutorial: Artisan Soap Bars 2021
  2. Thasio – Would I buy Stock When it Goes Public? YES – Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A – Steven Pope
  3. Brand Naming Tip: 5+ Letters Protection Status