What is most important to an online marketer? It all depends on what your personal goals are. However, we all agree that for a merchant, the reach of his products and the rank he gets for it is essential. Going after one of these goals sometimes presents several challenges, especially if you have to set up a store on a large platform where competition is in abundance. Are you a repeat Amazon seller or plan to become one? Then all these issues of digital strategies and product discovery have already become daily food for you. All this information is indeed difficult to assimilate when you are a beginner but, remember that even if you move up a level, you will have to keep updated and continue researching until you optimize yourself as a seller. It is well known that part of the training of an Amazon employee is to learn everything you can about the digital world and at the same time put that knowledge into practice without neglecting the store you plan to establish. Podcasts are an excellent resource that can guide you in this regard, and Impact Theory is an example of a useful program that can help you develop more than one skill.

Why listen to Impact Theory

Presented by Tom Bilyeu (Entrepreneur of the Year by Secret Entourage in 2016) Impact Theory is undoubtedly a program aimed at helping people better themselves through evolving their skills. It should be clarified that its focus is not just on Amazon, but for sure all employees on the platform can take advantage of Tom’s exposure and broaden their vision of the business field. The podcast includes:
  • Stories of successful people
  • Audience interaction
  • Inspirational public talks
The key features of the podcast are first-hand narratives by professionals. Listeners have the opportunity at times to interact with the guests, which makes Impact Theory so eye-catching and at the same time an effective data collection provided by a good source.

Where to listen

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