Let’s talk about why this program is different, entertaining and what a marketer needs to find inspiration and the desire to further optimize their online store through different ideas. Usually, podcasts that focus on the Amazon FBA business movement, contain various information on marketing strategies, SEO techniques, improving organic and sales rank, product crawling among others, but, Five Minute Pitch goes in another direction. The program is designed to reach a varied audience, making it a favorite choice for some people. Since you will always find plenty of information on the web and complete learning of what you need to increase your online store’s revenue, «Five Minute Pitch» can give your business a new lease of life.

Features of Five Minute Pitch

Looking at the structure, Five Minute Pitch is more like the Shark Tank program. About 32 people are chosen to present their products to different judges (hosts from other well-known podcasts) and they do it for 5 minutes, as the name suggests. The participants make their presentation and then the judges choose 8 finalists from among them who will receive votes from the viewers. What does the winner receive? Nothing less than $50,000! Money that can be used to invest in your own business. It’s a very fun program that is worth giving a chance, even if you are not chosen to participate, you can get the following benefits from listening to the podcast:

  • You can find out which products have the most marketability.
  • You will get a broad view of what other marketers with the same goals as you are achieving.

These are certainly reasons enough to add Five Minute Pitch to your list of podcasts to listen to. Even if it’s a program with a different focus, for sure seeing what competitors are showing to be evaluated by experienced entrepreneurs will give you the motivation you need to improve your sales on Amazon.

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Where to listen

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