If you’ve started selling on Amazon, you may realize that there’s a lot to cover in a short amount of time. Inexperience can lead many people to search the web for information, but there’s just too much! Where do you start? Sifting through potential podcasts one by one can slow down your other activities. If you’re in this dilemma, we’re going to explain where to find high-quality advice.

The «Ask Jordan» program converts valuable information into short-minute episodes. It is hosted by the award-winning Amazon seller and serial entrepreneur himself, Jordan Malik. Think about it, the Best-selling author sharing his advice in podcast form! The experience and reputation of someone speak for themselves, now let’s detail a bit the content of the program.

A podcast that answers your audience’s questions

One of the things that makes the Ask Jordan podcast special is precisely the fact that it answers questions asked by the show’s listeners. Despite the brevity of the episodes (which are over 100), a wide range of topics is covered, including product sourcing, legal obligations, and tax implications.

Not for nothing has Jordan Malik been interviewed by CNBC Time and The Wall Street Journal and has been featured in leading business magazines and newspapers. The strategies outlined in the program are ideal for anyone who wants to increase their revenue and accelerate their sales on Amazon.

The information in the podcast is very comprehensive, enough to help online marketers boost their business. Each question answered on the show gives away more than just a couple of tips and tricks, it brings up real situations that are experienced in the world of selling on Amazon! So, if you need specific answers to your questions quickly, Jordan Malik’s show will be right up your alley.

Where to listen

Top 3 Episodes

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