How well do you know your customers? How can you get to know them better? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone – it’s something every Amazon seller goes through. Fortunately, for e-commerce sellers, there is an overabundance of services and technology dedicated specifically to this very quest.

But on the other hand, making sense of all this technology, especially when we know it changes so fast, can be a real nightmare for a merchant.

That’s why through the AM PM Podcast Tim and Dan McGaw are determined to solve your life and simplify the technology it takes to build your brand, acquire the coveted «customer data vault» and drive revenue in the process.

Discover what you need to drive your business forward with the AM PM Podcast.

You’ll learn what marketers should focus on first, which is marketing automation? Zero-source data, source data, and third-party data, what’s the best way to get third-party data? And you’ll leverage the data you already have.

And if that wasn’t enough you’ll get Tim Jordan’s definitive resource guide to the tools and services he uses every day to dominate on Amazon. Discover the one feature every seller needs on their website.

How about getting out of your business and enjoying a well-deserved break after working so hard? Surprisingly, this is possible without impacting your work, in one of the episodes the guest will explain how he achieved this by prioritizing the balance between work and life.

Meet a real-world example of how you can collect the most valuable data for your business. To learn how to run a business that works around the clock in the morning and evening. Listen to experts and marketers talk about all things e-commerce and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives you to keep going despite the many obstacles that have and will come your way.

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